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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Corrections and Charities Board

Also known as:
State Board of Corrections and Charities
Active dates:1883-1901

To investigate the whole system of public charities and correctional institutions of the state, examine into the condition and management thereof, especially of prisons, jails, infirmaries, public hospitals, and asylums.

The board was charged with supervising new buildings, giving advice, securing statistics, and examining conditions and management of charitable and correctional institutions. All plans for new buildings had to be submitted to the board for suggestion and criticism before being adopted by county authorities. In addition, the governor could order an investigation by the board at any time.

The State Board of Corrections and Charities shall, every two years, make a full report of all their doings during that period, stating in detail all expenses incurred, and showing the actual condition of all the state and county institutions, and making such suggestions as they may deem advisable.


The legislature created the State Board of Corrections and Charities in 1883 to investigate the condition and management of public charities and correctional institutions of the state (Laws 1883 c127). They were required to make a full biennial report which was used by the legislature. The law authorizing the creation of the board was carefully constructed to prevent it from becoming a political instrument; no more than three members could be from the same political party, no officers of any of the institutions could be on the board, and no member could be directly or indirectly interested in any contracts for any of the institutions. The board was designed to cooperate with officers in charge of charitable and correctional institutions. These institutions made monthly reports to the board which were published in the board's quarterly summary.

The State Board of Corrections and Charities was abolished in 1901 and replaced by the Board of Control, which was given full power and authority to perform all the duties of the previous board (Laws 1901 c122 s8).


The board consisted of six members appointed by the governor, who served without compensation.

Agency heads:

Secretaries: Hastings H. Hart, 1883-1898; James F. Jackson, 1893-1901.
Members: Christopher Amundson, 1889-1901 (vice president and chairman, 1897-1901); D. C. Bell, 1883-1889 (vice president, 1889); C. H. Berry, 1883-1889; Harlow J. Boyd, 1891-1894.
Agency heads: George A. Brackett, 1891-1896; W. M. Campbell, 1883-1888; M. McG. Dana, 1883-1888; Edmund S. Durment, 1895-1896; William W. Folwell, 1897-1901; E. C. Gridley, 1901-1901; Conde Hamlin, 1897-1899; Charles P. Maginnis, 1893-1900; Reuben Reynolds, 1883-1886; John H. Rich, 1893-1901; H. M. Richardson, 1901-1901; Thomas Simpson, 1889-1890; S. G. Smith, 1889-1894; G. Vivian, 1887-1890; J. B. Wakefield, 1895-1897; Gustaf Wahlund, 1895-1901; H. R. Wells, 1883-1888; J. W. Willis, 1899-1901, 1889-1892; W. C. Williston, 1889-1892.

News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1993.
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