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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

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Compensation Review Board

Active dates:1971-1974

The Board reviewed the salaries of all major unclassified (appointive and elective) state positions in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and made recommendations to the governor and the legislature regarding salaries, retirement earnings, and other benefits.


The Compensation Review Board, established in 1971 (Sp. Sess. Laws 1971 c32 s9), The board was established pursuant to recommendations of the Governor's Commission on Compensation of Unclassified Personnel, which was appointed by Governor Harold LeVander in August, 1970. The Governor's Commission on Compensation of Unclassified Personnel reviewed the unclassified positions in the executive and judicial branches; recommended a salary structure that would be internally equitable and externally competitive with those of other states and of private organizations; and made recommendations regarding non-cash compensation for state employees and the relationship between classified and unclassified service. The commission obtained the services of Edward N. Hay and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in compensation administration. The Evaluation Committee, consisting of persons experienced in salary administration, was appointed to review and develop job descriptions for 154 unclassified positions, based on job evaluation techniques suggested by the Hay organization. The committee was assisted by analysts from the Civil Service Department and Hay personnel.

The final report of the commission contained general salary recommendations, brief recommendations for non-cash compensation, and other related suggestions. The commission recommended that the Compensation Review Board be established to insure that the job evaluation system that was established remain effective, and that the board include the legislative branch in its compensation review. The commission was chaired by John S. Pillsbury, and the final report, submitted to Governor LeVander in December, 1970, is also known as the "Pillsbury Report." The Compensation Review Board functioned in the same manner as the commission, and submitted recommendations on compensation for unclassified positions in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches to the governor and legislature prior to each legislative session. The governor, the senate, and the house of representatives each appointed three persons to be members of the board for two-year terms. The board consisted of members of the house and the senate; persons experienced in salary administration and personnel management; a representative of higher education, appointed by the governor; and other persons from various congressional districts. Barney U. Uhlig, a member of the Evaluation Committee, served as the executive secretary to the board.

The board held its final meeting in June, 1973, and was abolished in 1974 (Laws 1974 c511 s16). The duties of the board were assumed by the Personnel Board upon the appointment of the Commissioner of Personnel (Laws 1974 c364 s2).

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Members of the board: John S. Pillsbury, Jr., chair; George L. Mann; John W. Johnson; Harmon T. Ogdahl; Jerald C. Anderson; Mrs. Ann Ober; Gerry E. Morse; Gordon Nelson; Edward J. LaFave; Barney U. Uhlig, executive secretary.

Members of the governor's commission: John S. Pillsbury, Jr., chair; Frank R. Barth; Sidney Feinberg; Reuel D. Harmon; Leonard J. Keyes; Mrs. Howard Mithun; Gerry E. Morse; Arthur Naftalin; John F. Nash; Gregg Orwoll; Robert G. Renner; George A. Rossman; Neil C. Sherburne.

Staff of the commission: Maurice M. Henderson, special assistant to chair; Daniel B. Magraw, executive secretary; Barney U. Uhlig, administrative assistant.

News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1971-1980.
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