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Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity

Active dates:2021 -

The commission shall provide oversight of the state's cybersecurity measures. The commission shall review the policies and practices of state agencies with regard to cybersecurity and may recommend changes in policy to adequately protect the state from cybersecurity threats. The commission may develop recommendations and draft legislation to support and strengthen the state's cybersecurity infrastructure.


The commission must meet at least three times per calendar year. The majority leader of the senate shall designate one senate member of the Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity, to convene the first meeting within 105 days after final enactment.

The meetings of the commission are subject to Minnesota Statutes Section 3.055, except that the commission may close a meeting when necessary to safeguard the state's cybersecurity. The minutes, recordings, and documents from a closed meeting under this subdivision shall be maintained by the Legislative Coordinating Commission and shall not be made available to the public until eight years after the date of the meeting.

The commission expires December 31, 2028.


The Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity consists of the following eight members:

  • four senators, including two senators appointed by the senate majority leader and two senators appointed by the senate minority leader; and
  • four members of the house of representatives, including two members appointed by the speaker of the house and two members appointed by the minority leader of the house.

Appointing authorities must make initial appointments to the Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity within 60 days after final enactment. These members serve a term that expires on appointment of a successor after the start of the next regular session of the legislature in 2023.

The Legislative Coordinating Commission shall provide administrative services for the commission.

Record last updated: 07/06/2022

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