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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Local Government Study Commission of Ramsey County

Active dates:May 1973 - January 1975

The commission shall conduct research and study to determine the need, if any, for the consolidation, separation, addition, removal or other revision of local governmental structures (such as: all governmental units and bodies located within the said county including the county government, the municipal governments, public bodies corporate, and all offices, agencies, commissions, boards, authorities and other subdivisions thereof), functions and operations, and to determine whether moneys can be saved and whether efficiency can be gained through revision of such structures and functions.

It shall be the further function and duty of the commission to draft a plan or plans for the solution of any problem disclosed as a result of such research and study, which it deems to be feasible and desirable and to submit such plan or plans to the members of the Ramsey county delegation of the Minnesota legislature. The commission shall file an interim report on its activities on January 15, 1974, and its final report on November 15, 1974. Such reports and the plan or plans resulting from the commission's research and study shall, when signed by a majority of the commission, be filed with the members of the Ramsey county delegation of the Minnesota legislature. 

Preceded by:
Legislative Interim Commission to Study Ramsey County Government (1970)

The Commission met over an 18 month time period. Commission members represented a number of communities throughout the county, various political affiliations, occupations and interests. For investigative purposes, six subcommittees were formed: general planning and coordination; general administration; representation, responsiveness and communication; health and safety; environmental concerns; and neighborhood concerns. Data was obtained from interviews, questionnaires and reports.

Authorization of the commission shall expire on January 31, 1975.


The commission shall be composed of 38 members appointed by the Ramsey county delegation of the Minnesota legislature.

  • Chairman: Ronnie Brooks
  • Vice Chairman: Adolph 
  • Treasurer: Gary Tritle
  • Secretary: Bruce Kittilson
  • Dan Bostrom
  • Sally Brown
  • Ann Bucheck
  • William Chenoweth, Sr.
  • Robert Curran
  • James Donaldson
  • Marjorie Grabowski
  • Richard Hawkins
  • Robert Hickman
  • Shirley Keenan
  • Milton Knoll
  • Marsie Leier
  • David Lenander
  • Wanda Lorenzen
  • Gerald McGrath
  • Gladys Morton
  • James Moxness
  • Robert Nelson
  • Herbert Pantle
  • Rosemary Rockenbach
  • James Scheibel
  • Donald Simpson
  • Carol Slotness
  • Margaret Guthrie Smith
  • Peter Stumpf
  • John Turner
  • Tom Valley
  • Peter Vanderpoel
  • James C. Vaughan
  • James R. Whittington
  • Thaddeus Wojcik
  • Lorraine Wood
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