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Advisory Task Force on Farm Safety

Also known as:
Minnesota Advisory Task Force on Farm Safety
Active dates:1989 - 1991
The principal purpose of the task force is to determine ways in which the very high risks of accident and injury to farm operators and their families and employees can be minimized.  

On or before March 1, 1990, the task force shall report to the house and senate committees on agriculture its findings and recommendations for legislation on farm accident prevention and other public policy changes that would be likely to improve health and safety on Minnesota farms.  


1990 Minn. Laws Chap. 511 Sec. 12 added this requirement to the task force: By January 1, 1991, the advisory task force on farm safety established by Laws 1989, chapter 350, article 17, section 1, shall develop a plan for a farm safety audit pilot project to be implemented by the Minnesota extension service in cooperation with selected insurance companies and shall report the plan and
its other legislative recommendations to the agriculture committees of the senate and the house of representatives. 


The Advisory Task Force on Farm Safety was established by law out of the growing realization that agriculture, an important industry in Minnesota, has become more and more dangerous for those making their living in it. It is also an industry that has not had its safety and health needs adequately addressed. 

In its final report, the task force provided 10 recommendations to increase farm safety, including continuing support for the farm safety specialist position at the UMN; revitalizing and expanding the availability of the 4-H/FFA tractor and machinery operation, maintenance, and safety training program; and providing funding for a pilot project to develop a comprehensive farm safety audit to be conducted by Extension in cooperation with selected farm insurance companies. The full set of recommendations is presented in Appendix 2. Task force authorization expired in 1992.


11 members. At least one member must represent each of the following: farm operators; farm organizations; farm equipment manufacturers or dealers; the rural health care industry; the agricultural chemicals industry; the insurance industry; and the Minnesota extension service. The subcommitee on committees of the senate and the speaker of the house shall each appoint one member of
the task force from their respective agriculture committees.


The Library also has the 1990 preliminary report: "Safe Farms for Minnesota: A preliminary report to the Minnesota House and Senate Agriculture Committees from the Advisory Task Force on Farm Safety."

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