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Advisory Task Force on Minnesota Corporation Law

Active dates:May 1979 - 1981
Established by the Minnesota Senate, Secretary of State, and State Bar Association

The Task Force was asked to develop and submit to the Minnesota Senate by December 31, 1980, a proposal for revising and modernizing Minnesota's business corporation laws to meet the legitimate and contemporary business needs of local businesses, large and small, whose corporate affairs are governed by those laws. 


The Advisory Task Force on Minnesota Corporation Law was formed in May, 1979, as a cooperative effort of the Minnesota Senate, the Secretary of State of Minnesota, and the Corporation, Banking, and Business Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association. Pursuant to written agreements with the Rules and Administration Committee of the Minnesota Senate, the Task Force committed to carry on a systematic analysis of Minnesota's business corporation laws (principally sections 301.01 to 301.67 of the Minnesota Statutes and related statutory provisions).

The Advisory Task Force on Minnesota Corporation Law was formed because of mounting concern that the corporation laws governing Minnesota business corporations were technically and substantively deficient, out of date, and a source of confusion and frustration in the modern business world for shareholders, directors, officers, creditors, governmental agencies, lawyers, and the courts. At the time of their work, Minnesota had the second oldest business corporation laws in the nation. At the time, the "business corporation act" was found in sections 301.01 to 301.67 of the Minnesota Statutes and was enacted in 1933, partially on the basis of chapter 300 and partially on the basis of the old "Uniform Business Corporation Act" which was relatively contemporary iri 1933.

The Task Force and its Committees met a total of 60 times for a total of 205 hours. 


Thirteen persons served on the Task Force: Robert W. Boyd, Richard J. FitzGerald, Avron L. Gordon (Chairman, Liquidations and Dissolutions Committee), Williams J. Hay, John S. Hibbs (Chairman), Paul A. Magnuson, Robert A. Minish, Lawrence Perlman, Robert J. Sefkow, Ralph Strangis (Chairman, Fundmental Changes Committee), Burt E. Swanson, Torn Togas, and Robert B. Whitlock (Chairman, Shareholder Rights Committee).

Twenty-six additional persons served on active committees of the Task Force: William F. Archerd, Thomas M. Brown, Earl F. Colborn, Jr. (Chairman, Close Corporations Committee), Patrick J. Delaney, Charlton Dietz, William T. Dolan, Thomas D. Feinberg, George P. Flannery, Gerald T. Flom, James T. Hale, Robert J. Johnson, D. William Kaufman, Glenn R. Kessel, Logan Langworth, Richard G. Lareau (Chairman, Directors and Officers Committee), James B. Lund, Gerald E. Magnuson, Professor Joseph E. Olson, Michael Prichard, Jerry F. Rotman, Henry J. Savelkoul, Paul J. Scheerer, Neil I. Sell, Archibald C. Spencer, Paul M. Torgerson, and Sherman Winthrop.

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