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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Inter-Agency Task Force

Active dates:January 27, 1972 - January 1973
Established by Governor Wendell Anderson and the Commissioner of Natural Resources

The task force is convened to consider base metal mining and processing in Minnesota and to research the capacity of the state to deal with the ramifications of the copper-nickel mining process.


The task force's report describes their origins and work: "On January 27, 1972, [Governor Wendell Anderson] requested Commissioner Robert L. Herbst of the Department of Natural Resources to consider base metal mining and processing in Minnesota and to research the capacity of the state to deal with the many ramifications of the entire copper-nickel mining process. To accomplish this task the governor requested that an Inter-Agency Task Force of representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, Pollution Control Agency, State Planning Agency, Department of Economic Development, Department of Health, and Department of Labor and Industry be established.  He also requested that the Minerals Subcommittee of the Natural Resources Advisory Council, plus representatives of citizens' groups, mining companies, and local government be organized to act as advisory to the task force. The governor further directed that the findings be made available prior to the 1973 legislative session, for consideration by the Environmental Quality Council."


Eugene Gere (Chair), Department of Natural Resources; William Sweeney, Department of Labor and Industry; Dr. Charles Carson, Pollution Control Agency; George Raschka, Department of Health; Orvin Olson, Department of Economic Development; Joseph Sizer, State Planning Agency

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