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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

State Highway Commission

Active dates:1906-1917

The 1898 constitutional amendment authorized the legislature to provide the governor authority to appoint three members to a new State Highway Commission. This commission will supervise construction of state roads and bridges and manage the newly created state road and bridge fund.

The commission was to consider road building material and methods, disseminate information among those who will construct and maintain roads, distribute funds to counties for the purpose of roads and bridges, and report to the governor on the progress of these duties and funds.

Succeeded by:

The constitutional amendment of 1898 (1897 Chap. 333) was approved by the voters, but the Legislature took no action until 1905. The State Highway Commission of Minnesota was organized January 12, 1906, under the provisions of General Laws of 1905, chapter 163.


Gustave Scholle, 1906-1909 (Chair); J. B. Galarneault, 1906-1911; Chas. Halvorson, 1906-1910; Louis W. Hill, 1909-1912 (Chair); Chas. M. Babcock, 1910-1917 (Chair); Clarence I. McNair, 1911-1917; F. S. Bell, 1912-1915; F. B. Lynch, 1916-1917

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