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Camp Ripley Sentinel Landscape Coordinating Committee

Active dates:2016 -
Function: The committee shall identify sentinel land, and develop recommendations to encourage landowners within the sentinel lands to voluntarily participate in and begin or continue land uses compatible with Camp Ripley's military mission. In designating sentinel lands, the coordinating committee shall include all working or natural lands, wherever located, that the coordinating committee believes contribute to the long-term sustainability of the military missions conducted at Camp Ripley. In determining which lands to designate, the coordinating committee shall seek input from the director of the Department of Defense Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program, the chief of the National Guard Bureau, the director of the Army Compatible Use Buffer Program, the commander of the Camp Ripley Training Center, the commissioner of agriculture, the commissioner of natural resources, the executive director of the Board of Water and Soil Resources, appropriate county commissioners from any county where designated lands are located, and any others the adjutant general deems appropriate.

By January 16, 2017, the adjutant general, with the assistance of the coordinating committee, shall submit a report to the governor and to the chairs of the committees in the house of representatives and senate with primary jurisdiction over the Department of Military Affairs. The report must summarize the committee's efforts to encourage landowners within the Camp Ripley sentinel landscape to voluntarily participate in and begin or continue land uses compatible with Camp Ripley's military mission. This report will include a map which geographically defines the boundaries of the sentinel landscape and may also provide recommendations for any further legislation the coordinating committee deems necessary to further the goals of this program.
History: On May 11, 2015, the Camp Ripley Sentinel Landscape statute (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 190) was unanimously approved by the Minnesota Legislature. It is the first law of its kind in the Nation.
Membership: Adjutant general or a designee who will serve as the chair of the committee; the commissioner of agriculture or a designee;the commissioner of natural resources or a designee; and the executive director of the Board of Water and Soil Resources or a designee.

The committee may also seek input from federal agencies, including but not limited to the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, the National Guard Bureau, the Department of the Interior, or the Department of Agriculture. The committee may also appoint members from other state agencies, county officials from any county where sentinel landscapes are located, and nongovernmental organizations that participate in land management activities within the sentinel landscape.
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