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Electronic Roster Task Force

Also known as:
Active dates:2013 - 2014

The task force must research the following issues: 1) electronic roster technology, including different types of electronic rosters; 2) the ability to use photographs received from the Department of Vehicle Services; 3) the ability to add photographs to the roster on election day; 4) data security in electronic rosters, the statewide voter registration system, and the Department of Vehicle Services; 5) reliability of Department of Vehicle Services data, including the ability to match names and photographs without duplication; 6) ability of precincts across the state to connect an electronic roster to a secure network to access the statewide voter registration system; and 7) direct and indirect costs associated with using electronic rosters.

The task force must submit a report by January 31, 2014, to the chairs and ranking minority members of the committees in the senate and house of representatives with primary jurisdiction over elections, summarizing its findings and listing recommendations on the implementation of electronic rosters statewide. The report shall include draft legislation to implement the recommendations of the task force.


In the "Second Report and Further Recommendations of the Minnesota Task Force on Election Integrity" (January, 2013), the Task Force recommended the legislature enact enabling legislation and provide funding for the use of a poll book system throughout the state of Minnesota.

2013 Minn. Laws Chapter 131 (House File 894 - the Omnibus Elections Bill) includes:
Article 4: Electronic Rosters. A pilot project is set up to explore the use of electronic rosters for the purposes of processing Election Day registrations or verifying the registration status of preregistered voters. Our neighboring state, Iowa, uses this type of system and it speeds procedures at the polls. Those with driver's licenses or state ID cards are able to swipe their card and their voter registration status is immediately processed. Article 4 also sets up a task force to explore incorporating photos in the electronic rosters.

The secretary of state, or the secretary's designee, must convene the initial meeting of the task force by July 1, 2013.

The task force shall sunset the day following submission of the report under subdivision 7, or January 31, 2014, whichever is earlier.


15 members.
Membership includes: 1) the director of the Department of Public Safety, Division of Vehicle Services, or designee; 2) the secretary of state, or designee; 3) an individual designated by the secretary of state, from the elections division in the Office of the Secretary of State; 4) the chief information officer of the state of Minnesota, or designee; 5) one county auditor appointed by the Minnesota Association of County Officers; 6) one town election official appointed by the Minnesota Association of Townships; 7) one city election official appointed by the League of Minnesota Cities; 8) one school district election official appointed by the Minnesota School Boards Association; 9) one representative appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives; 10) one representative appointed by the minority leader of the house of representatives; 11) one senator appointed by the senate Subcommittee on the Committee of the Committee on Rules and Administration; 12) one senator appointed by the senate minority leader; 13) one person appointed by the governor, familiar with electronic roster technology but who dies not represent a specific vendor of the technology; and 14) two election judges appointed by the governor.

Entries for this agency in the Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies Report: 2014, 2013.

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 2013.
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