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Commuter Rail Corridor Coordinating Committee

Active dates:1999 -
Function: A Commuter Rail Corridor Coordinating Committee shall be established to advise the commissioner on issues relating to the alternatives analysis, environmental review, advanced corridor planning, preliminary engineering, final design, implementation method, construction of commuter rail, public involvement, land use, service, and safety.
History: The Legislature enacted Chapter 230 in 1999 requiring the Commissioner of Transportation to adopt a plan for commuter rail under a system that uses passenger cars on existing freight railroad lines. The Department of Transportation has been studying how such a system would work in the Twin Cities area for the past two years at the direction of the Legislature.

The Commuter Rail Corridor Coordinating Committee was reviewed by the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy (LCPFP) in 2013 as part of their biennial duty required by Minn. Stat. 3.885 Subd. 11. The LCPFP's 2013 Recommendations called for repealing the committee, but the group still exists in statute.
Membership: The Commuter Rail Corridor Coordinating Committee shall consist of:
(1) one member representing each significant funding partner in whose jurisdiction the line or lines are located;
(2) one member appointed by each county in which the corridors are located;
(3) one member appointed by each city in which advanced corridor plans indicate that a station may be located;
(4) two members appointed by the commissioner, one of whom shall be designated by the commissioner as the chair of the committee;
(5) one member appointed by each metropolitan planning organization through which the commuter rail line may pass; and
(6) one member appointed by the president of the University of Minnesota, if a designated corridor provides direct service to the university.; and
(7) two ex-officio members who are members of labor organizations operating in, and with authority for, trains or rail yards or stations junctioning with freight and commuter rail lines on corridors, with one member appointed by the speaker of the house
and the other member appointed by the senate Rules and Administration Subcommittee on Committees.
(b) A joint powers board existing on April 1, 1999, consisting of local governments along a commuter rail corridor, shall perform the functions set forth in paragraph (a) in place of the committee.

(membership numbers were amended by 2010 Minn. Laws Chap. 351 Sec. 53)
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Record last updated: 02/11/2015

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