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Select Joint Sports Facilities Subcommittee

Active dates:July 1975 - February 1976
Sen. John Chenoweth and Rep. Tom Berg

The joint House-Senate group will study existing sports facilities in the Twin Cities, looking into remodeling of Metropolitan Stadium or the University of Minnesota Memorial Stadium. Also considered will be the providing of alternative facilities. The subcommittee will report to the 1976 Legislature.


Senator John Chenoweth and Rep. Tom Berg are chairmen of regular metropolitan affairs committees in the legislature, giving them authority to appoint the subcommittee.

(the following excerpt is from "Minnesota State Planning Agency: A Report on Sport Stadium Proposals", p. 28, February, 1976)
"The Select Joint Sports Facilities Subcommittee voted in October, 1975, to limit its consideration of major sports facilities to two porposals: a remodeled Memorial Stadium and a new football stadium at the Metropolitan Stadium site in Bloomington. January 6, 1976, the joint subcommittee introduced a third proposal for consideration, a new multi-purpose stadium in the
Industry Square area of Minneapolis. On January 20, a fourth proposal was introduced, a new multi-purpose stadium at the Metropolitan Stadium site in Bloomington.

Before its last meeting February 6, the joint subcommittee took the following action:
1) Voted to include an arts proposal with a stadium proposal.
2) Voted to exclude any bonding authority for a dome.
3) Voted to advance to the respective committees of the Senate and House proposal III, a plan to construct a new multi-purpose stadium in Industry Square.
4) Approved a draft bill, S. F. 2096, H. F. 2281, as the joint subcommittee's report and agreed that the basic concepts contained in Proposal III be introduced to the appropriate committees for further action."
(end of excerpt)

The Minnesota Legislature passed and Governor Rudy Perpich signed Laws of Minnesota 1977, Chapter 89, creating the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC) and includes financing provisions for sports facilities in the metropolitan area. The legislation doesn't specify a site but it does state that no public money may be used to purchase the land that the stadium will be built on.


Subcommitte members, appointed by Senator Chenoweth and Rep. Thomas Berg, DFL: Reps. Tomlinson (co-chair), DFL; James Casserly, DFL; William Dean, R; Peter Petrafeso, DFL; Bruce Williamson, DFL; and Sens. E Chenoweth (co-chair), DFL; William Kirchner, R; Robert North, DFL; Edward Gearty, DFL; Eugene Stokowski, DFL.

News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1974-1975.
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