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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Corrections Strategic Management and Operations Advisory Task Force

Active dates:2009 -
Function: The Task Force is to advise the governor and the legislature on management and operations strategies that will improve efficiency in corrections and reduce the inmate per diem for the Department of Corrections.
The task force must provide an assessment that identifies strategies and makes recommendations, including any proposals for legislative changes, to improve efficiency in (1) the delivery of state corrections services; (2) construction, maintenance, and operation of state prisons; and (3) coordination between state and local corrections agencies. In developing its assessment, the task force shall consider best practices in business management; best practices in corrections management and operations; efficiency concepts in academic, business, or other environments; and how requirements under law affect corrections efficiency. The assessment provided by the task force should include, but is not limited to, analysis of the staffing and administration of prisons; central office and administrative services staffing and operations; the impact of decisions on other agency budgets; offender treatment and programming; field services; employee pension
plans; housing short-term offenders and probation violators; offender healthcare; juvenile services; and the conditional release and challenge incarceration programs.
The Task Force is to report to the Governor and Legislature by February 15, 2010.
Membership: The advisory task force consists of the following members:
(1) the commissioner of corrections, or the commissioner's designee;
(2) one person appointed by the governor who serves as a sheriff in this state;
(3) three persons appointed by the governor from a postsecondary academic
institution who have expertise in applied economics, organizational efficiency, or business
(4) three persons appointed by the governor from the private sector who have
expertise in management or corporate efficiency but would not qualify for membership
under clause (3);
(5) one member appointed by the governor who is a community corrections act
department director or a community probation office department director;
(6) two persons appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives, one of
whom must be a member of organized labor and possess knowledge of corrections;
(7) one person appointed by the minority leader of the house of representatives;
(8) two persons appointed by the senate majority leader, one of whom must be a
member of organized labor and possess knowledge of corrections; and
(9) one person appointed by the minority leader of the senate

Entries for this agency in the Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies Report: 2010, 2009.

Note: This report provides membership details as well as meeting information and a summary of the group's activities.

Notes: The Legislative Library has the 2010 report by the Task Force available electronically and in print.
News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 2009.
Record last updated: 03/31/2011

All information on this group from the Library’s collection of agency notebooks has been digitized. These materials are incorporated into the “documents/articles” section of the record. Please contact a librarian with any questions. The Minnesota Agencies database is a work in progress.

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