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Nonmotorized Transportation Advisory Committee

Also known as:
Advisory Committee on Nonmotorized Transportation
State Nonmotorized Transportation Committee
State Nonmotorized Transportation Advisory Committee
Active dates:2008-2018

The committee shall make recommendations to the commissioner on items related to nonmotorized transporation, including safety, education, and development programs. The committee shall review and analyze issues and needs relating to operating nonmotorized transportation on public rights-of-way, and identify solutions and goals for addressing identified issues and needs.


In 1984, the State Bicycle Advisory Committee was established as an on-going advisory body by Laws of Minnesota 1984, chapter 572, building off the earlier work of a short-term group, the Governor's Commission on Bikeways. The State Bicycle Advisory Committee advised the Commissioner of Transportation and other state officials on issues pertaining to bicycle transportation in Minnesota. Over the ensuing years, it operated under its own bylaws and with registration by the Secretary of State.

In 2008 the State Bicycle Advisory Committee was renamed the Advisory Committee on Nonmotorized Transportation to reflect an expanded focus on both pedestrians and bicyclists (see Laws 2008, chap. 350, art. 1, sec. 69).

The Nonmotorized Transportation Advisory Committee was reviewed by the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy (LCPFP) in 2013 as part of their biennial duty required by Minn. Stat. 3.885 Subd. 11. The LCPFP's 2013 Recommendations called for keeping the committee.

In 2017, the legislature directed the committee to develop and submit recommendations to the commissioner of transportation regarding the project evaluation and selection processes under the new Active Transportation Program at the Department of Transportation (see Laws 2017, 1st Spec. Sess., chap. 3, art. 3, sec. 136)

Minnesota Statutes, sec. 174.37, subd. 6 indicates the committee will expire on June 30, 2018.


The advisory committee must consist of the following members:

(a) The commissioner of transportation shall appoint up to 18 public members, as follows: one member from each of the department's seven greater Minnesota districts; four members from the department's metropolitan district; and no more than seven members at large. Each of the members at large must represent nonmotorized interests or organizations.

(b) The commissioners of each of the following state agencies shall appoint an employee of the agency to serve as a member: administration, education, health, natural resources, public safety, transportation, and pollution control. The chair of the Metropolitan Council shall appoint an employee of the council to serve as a member. The director of Explore Minnesota Tourism shall appoint an employee of the agency to serve as a member. The division administrator of the Federal Highway Administration may appoint an employee of the agency to serve as a member.

(c) Members of the committee shall serve four-year terms.

Entries for this agency in the Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies Report: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 2008-2009.
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