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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

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Children's Advisory Council

Active dates:2001-2005

The Council shall advise commissioner on planning, policy development, data collection rulemaking, funding and evaluation of programs under 119A.10-12, 14-16, and 20-22. Coordinate and exchange information on establishment and ongoing operation of afore mentioned sections. Develop and publish grant-receiving guidelines relating to child abuse and neglect prevention and safety and support of child victims including, but not limited to, funds dedicated to the Children's Trust Fund and the Abused Children program.

Provide guidance in development of statewide education and public information activities increasing awareness in prevention and intervention of child abuse and neglect. Encourage development of prevention and intervention programs. Guide, analyze, and disseminate results in development of evaluation procedures for programs receiving funds under subd. 1. Assist commissioner in identifying service gaps or duplication in services.


No meetings were held in Fiscal Year 2001. No members were appointed in FY01.

The 2003 Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies stated: "The Council expires on June 30, 2003." There were no membership lists or reports for the Council in 2004 or 2005.

Repealed by 2005 Minn. Laws Chap. 98 Art. 2 Sec. 18.


The council shall consist of a total of 22 members. The governor shall appoint 18 of these members. The commissioners of human services and health shall each appoint one member. The senate shall appoint one member from the senate committee with jurisdiction over family and early childhood education and the house of representatives shall appoint one member from the house committee with jurisdiction over family and early childhood education.

Council members shall have knowledge in the areas of child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention and knowledge of the risk factors that can lead to child abuse and neglect. Council members shall be representative of: local government, criminal justice, parents, consumers of services, health and human services professionals, faith community, professional and volunteer providers of child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention services, racial and ethnic minority communities, and the demographic and geographic composition of the state.

Ten council members shall reside in the seven-county metropolitan area and eight shall reside in nonmetropolitan areas.

Record last updated: 10/29/2019

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