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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

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State Board of Physical Therapy

Also known as:
Minnesota State Board of Physical Therapy
Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy
Active dates:1999 -

The mission of the Board is to provide public protection by striving to ensure Minnesota citizens receive quality physical therapy services from competent physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. Public protection through licensure and regulation underlies every activity and all functions of the Board. The major functions of the Board are to ensure that applicants met the standards for licensure; ensure that licensees meet the standards for license renewal; to identify licensees who fail to maintain minimum standards for the provision of safe and quality care, and when warranted to provide appropriate disciplinary or corrective action; and to provide information and education to the public.


An Examining Committee for Physical Therapists was created in 1951 to assist the Board of Medical Examiners in the examination, registration, and regulation of physical therapists (see Laws of Minnesota 1951, Chapter 479, Sec. 3). The five members included three physical therapists, one doctor, and one professor or assistant or associate professor from an accredited physical therapy course. Members were appointed by the governor.

In 1975 the law was changed to have the Examining Committee appointed by the Board of Medical Examiners.

The Examining Committee was changed to the Physical Therapy Council in 1980 (see Laws of Minnesota 1980, Chapter 412, Sec. 2). The Council included seven members: three physical therapists, two doctors, one professor or associate professor from a physical therapy program, one aide or assistant to a physical therapist, and one public member. The Council was appointed by the Board of Medical Examiners.

According to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice's Biennial Report, 1994/96, the Physical Therapy Council was sunset on June 30, 1994. The Council was reinstated by law in April 1995 (see Laws of Minnesota 1995, Chapter 43 Sec. 1).

In 1999 the Board of Physical Therapy was established (see Laws of Minnesota 1999, Chapter 245, Article 9, Sec. 49). Nine members included four physical therapists, one doctor, one physical therapy assistant, and three public members. Appointments were made by the governor.

In 2008 the number of board members increased to eleven: five physical therapists, one licensed and registered doctor of medicine, two physical therapist assistants, and three public members (see Laws of Minnesota 2008, Chapter 277, Sec. 18).


The board shall consist of 11 members, citizens and residents of the state of Minnesota, composed of five physical therapists, one licensed and registered doctor of medicine, two physical therapist assistants, and three public members. The physical therapist members and the physical therapist assistant members must be licensed in this state and have at least five years' experience in physical therapy practice, physical therapy administration, or physical therapy education. The five years' experience must immediately precede appointment. Membership terms, compensation of members, removal of members, filling of membership vacancies, and fiscal year and reporting requirements shall be as provided in sections 214.07 to 214.09. The provision of staff, administrative services, and office space; the review and processing of complaints; the setting of board fees; and other provisions relating to board operations shall be as provided in chapter 214. Each member of the board shall file with the secretary of state the constitutional oath of office before beginning the term of office.

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