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Water Quality Cost-Benefit Model Scoping Task Force

Active dates:1998-
Function: The Task Force shall select an entity to conduct a scoping study for a cost-benefit model to analyze water quality standards. The scoping study shall include: a watershed-based approach that ealuates both point and nonpoint pollution sources, the extent of the costs and benefits to be evaluated, the necessary elements of the model, a model that is transferable to other
watersheds and standards, and the characteristics of the watersheds and standards to be evaluated.

By October 15, 1998, the task force shall review the completed scoping study and make recommendations on the scope, cost, and time frame for development of the model to the commissioner and to the chairs of the house and senate environment and natural resources committees, the chair of the house environment, natural resources, and agriculture finance committee, and the chair of the senate environment and agriculture budget division.
History: 1998 Minn. Laws Chapter 401 Sec. 2 provided $50,000 in fiscal year 1999 for a scoping study for a cost-benefit model to analyze the costs of water quality.
Membership: No more than three representatives each from industry, municipalities, watershed management groups, labor, agriculture, and environmental groups, convened by the commissioner of the pollution control agency.
Notes: The Legislative Library received a report in 1998 completing the legislative requirement:
"Report of the Cost-Benefit Task Force on a watershed cost-benefit analysis model for water-quality standards: scope, cost, and time frame : findings and recommendations." Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Cost-Benefit Task Force.
Record last updated: 04/25/2017

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