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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Water Planning Board

Also known as:
Water Resources Planning Board
Active dates:1977- 1983
Function: The board shall perform the following duties:
(1) Direct the preparation of the framework water and- related land resources plan proposed to the legislative commission on Minnesota resources in October. 1976, if so requested by the commission;
(2) Assure the participation of the public and of all units of government in the preparation and implementation of all state water resource planning activities;
(3) Direct all state involvement in activities undertaken pursuant to the federal Water Resource Planning Act. Public Law 89-80. including but not limited to administration of Title 111 funding;
(4) Evaluate state participation in the federal-state river basin commissions and make recommendations to the governor and the legislature concerning continued state involvement;
(5) Evaluate and recommend improvements in state laws, rules and procedures in order to reduce overlap, duplication or conflicting jurisdictions among the many state and interstate agencies having jurisdiction in the area of public water resource management
and regulation; and
(6) Coordinate public water resource management and regulation activities among the state agencies having jurisdiction in the area.
History: The Water Planning Board was established in July 1977 [Laws 1977 c446]. Its duties included preparation of the Framework Water and Related Land Resources Plan as proposed by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources [LCMR] in October 1976; direction of all state involvement in activities pursuant to the federal Water Resources Planning Act [P.L. 89-80]; assurance of participation of the public and all units of government in water resources planning activities; recommendation of improvements in state laws in order to reduce overlap, duplication, and conflicting jurisdictions in water resource management; and participation in the various federal-state river basin commissions.

The Water Planning Board and the Southern Minnesota Rivers Basin Board were merged with the state Environmental Quality Board. Governor Perpich also approved a reorganization order transferring the staff of the three merged boards to the new State Planning Agency and appointed Kalitowski head of the new Environmental Quality Board, effective July 1, 1983.

(Paragraphs above taken from Minnesota Historical Society Finding Aid, "Water Planning Board: An Inventory of the Files of Thomas J. Kalitowski" 9/9/11).
Membership: 9 members; 4-year terms

1977 legislation provided for 6 members: The members of the board are (1) the commissioner of natural resources; (2) the commissioner of health; (3) the director of the pollution control agency; (4) the commissioner of agriculture; (5) the director of the energy agency; and (6) the chairman of the state soil and water conservation board, or their designees.

Entries for this agency in the Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies Report: 1982, 1981, 1980, 1979, 1978.

Note: This report provides membership details as well as meeting information and a summary of the group's activities.

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1977-1983.
Record last updated: 11/20/2013

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