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Bargaining Impasse Resolution Advisory Council

Active dates:1984-1985

The Council's purpose is to study collective bargaining as it relates to public schools.

By January 15, 1985, the advisory council shall submit to the legislative commission on employee relations its report and recommendations on the impasse resolution policies under Minnesota Statutes, sections 179.61 to 179.76 relating to public schools. The advisory council shall study:
(1) existing provisions of state law relating to negotiations, mediation, and impasse resolution;
(2) attitudes of public employers and employees and the public on current collective bargaining laws relating to public schools;
(3) collective bargaining laws in other states relating to public schools;
(4) changes in statutory timelines and the right to strike; and
(5) collective bargaining rights and procedures relating to principals and assistant principals.


In 1980, the legislature amended the provisions of the Minnesota Public Employment Labor Relations Act [PELRA] establishing, among other things, an expanded right to strike for public employees (other than those classified as essential employees under the act). One of the factors contributing to the approval of this aspect of the 1980 amendments was the belief that an expansion of the right to strike would provide a greater balance in the bargaining power of the parties and, thus, facilitate expedient and equitable resolution of collective bargaining disputes.

The legislature continues to be concerned with prolonged negotiations in the public school system. Delays in bargaining, prolonged negotiations, the threat of strikes, an adversarial relationship between teachers and school boards, and actual work stoppages all appear to have continued, in spite of the 1980 amendments. Because these events and situations tend to undermine the delivery of educational services, harm the quality of education received by students in the affected districts, and lead to an erosion of community support for public schools, the legislature created the Advisory Council to study the collective bargaining situation in the public schools.

The Advisory Council saw its mission as one which involved an examination of impasse resolution procedures and rights under PELRA. In fulfilling this responsibility, however, the Advisory Council sought to ensure not only a balance of rights within the bargaining process, but also a balance of those procedures with the rights of public school students to receive a quality education.
(The three paragraphs above are taken from the "Final Report of the Advisory Council on Bargaining Impasse Resolution", p.1)

The advisory council shall terminate on June 30, 1985.


As of 1984, two members of the senate appointed by the subcommittee on committees of the committee on rules and
administration; two members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house; the director of the bureau of mediation services or a designee; and six members of the general public appointed by the governor.

See the Council's Final Report for a list of Advisory Council Members.

Entries for this agency in the Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies Report: 1984.

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1984.
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