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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Relief Board

Also known as:
State Board of Relief
Active dates:1919-1925

The State Board of Relief was created in 1919 to prevent disasters that threatened to destroy life or property and to grant relief or temporary assistance to communities stricken by disease, flood, storm, fire, or action of the elements (Ex. Sess. Laws 1919 c35). It was authorized to use, in any such emergency, any property or vehicle, or any means of transportation, communication, or public service which it deemed necessary to save life or property. It was authorized to use state offices and facilities, the state militia, the state fire marshal, and any employees of the state when needed for relief or to prevent a disaster.

The state board of relief shall transmit to the state legislature not later than March 1st of every year in which there is a regular session of the legislature, a report in detail of all the expenses of-the board, of all moneys paid out for preventative measures and of all moneys paid out for relief. It shall also transmit all information and make such recommendations as will assist the legislature in the enactment of further legislation which might be necessary in the prevention of great calamities.

Succeeded by:

Prior to the establishment of the Relief Board, any state board or official of the state was required to obtain the consent of the governor, the state auditor, and the state treasurer to expend monies for calamity relief if such expenditures would cause the official or board to exceed its appropriated budget (Laws 1907 c272).

It was abolished in 1925 and its powers and duties were transferred to the Executive Council (Laws 1925 Chap. 426).


The board was composed of the governor, the state auditor, and the state treasurer. The members of the board shall serve for the period of their election to their respective offices and shall be succeeded by their successors in their elective offices.

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