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New Felony Sentencing System Task Force

Also known as:
Task Force on New Felony Sentencing System
Active dates:1992-1993

The task force shall study the new felony sentencing system provisions contained in this article. Based on this study, the task force shall:
(1) determine whether the current sentencing guidelines and sentencing guidelines grid need to be changed in order to
implement the new sentencing provisions; and
(2) determine whether any legislative changes to the provisions are needed to permit their effective implementation.

The task force shall report the results of its study to the legislature by February 15, 1993. The report shall include the task force's recommendations, if any, for changing the law or the sentencing guidelines in order to effectively implement the new felony sentencing system.


The 1992 legislature created a new system for sentencing offenders who are convicted of felony level offenses and who receive executed prison sentences. The new sentencing system, which eliminates good time, was passed as part of the 1992 crime bill. Under the new system, inmates will no longer earn and vest good time. Instead, the legislation authorizes the Commissioner of Corrections to impose disciplinary confinement time for violations of disciplinary rules.

The legislature established a task. force to study the new sentencing provisions and to recommend changes to legislation and to the Sentencing Guidelines to permit the effective implementation of the new system.

The task force began meeting in July of 1992.


The task force consists of the following members or their designees:
(1) the chair of the sentencing guidelines commission;
(2) the commissioner of corrections;
(3) the state court administrator;
(4) the chair of the house judiciary committee; and
(5) the chair of the senate judiciary committee.

Debra Dailey, Executive Director of the Sentencing Guidelines Commission, served as chair of the task force.

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1992.
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