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Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Year search results for: 1981

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1981 - Governor Al Quie
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 8
Pocket Vetoes: 0
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 0
Lines Vetoed: 0
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 8
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 8
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
72nd Legislature, 1981 3rd Special Session HF14 12/21/1981 Omnibus budget bill. Full No attempt
72nd Legislature HF306 380 5/29/1981 A bill to define commercial bribery, penalties. Full No attempt
72nd Legislature SF650 598 5/29/1981 A bill to include certain faculty members under the Public Employees Labor Relations Act (PELRA). Full No attempt
72nd Legislature SF728 705 5/29/1981 A bill authorizing detached banking facilities by Northome banks. Full No attempt
72nd Legislature HF1132 1346 5/20/1981 Supplemental appropriations bill, amending the Revenue Recapture Act - sin taxes. Full No attempt
72nd Legislature HF1445 5/18/1981 Omnibus tax bill. Full No attempt
72nd Legislature HF326 834 5/8/1981 A bill to change the eligibility requirements for the Catastrophic Health Expense Protection (CHEP) program. Full Attempted
72nd Legislature SF52 48 4/14/1981 A bill to make denial of a multi-unit dwelling access for campaigning a petty misdemeanor. Full No attempt