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Year search results for: 1945

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1945 - Governor Edward Thye
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 3
Pocket Vetoes: 2
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 0
Lines Vetoed: 0
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 3
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 3
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
54th Legislature HF1262 4/19/1945 Pocket Veto A bill establishing an Old Age Assistance revolving fund for the purpose of protecting the interests of recipients of old age assistance and providing for transfer of personal property to the state agency by applicants and recipients of Old Age Assistance under certain circumstances, Full No attempt
54th Legislature SF107 4/12/1945 A bill relating to the avoidance and settlement of labor disputes, the promotion of industrial peace, declaring certain violations of law to be gross misdemeanors and empowering certain state officials and agencies to investigate and prosecute such violations. Full Attempted
54th Legislature SF347 Pocket Veto A bill relating to labor relations between the state, its various municipalities, departments, political and governmental subdivisions, the officers thereof; and providing for avoidance and settlement of labor disputes by conciliation, negotiation and agreement. Full No attempt