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Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

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1891 - Governor William Merriam
Our library records prior to 1939 are incomplete; there may be vetoes that we are not aware of.
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
27th Legislature HF1218 4/18/1891 An act to amend the articles of incorporations of the Flom Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Norman county, Minnesota. Full No attempt
27th Legislature SF554 4/14/1891 A act to legalize the acts of the supervisors of the town of Wellington, in the county of Renville, state of Minnesota, in laying out certain public roads in said town. Full No attempt
27th Legislature SF128 4/2/1891 A bill to revise, amend and consolidate the charter of the city of Minneapolis, to unite the various boards and departments of said city. Full No attempt
27th Legislature HF680 3/31/1891 An act proposing to grant the land covered by Pickerel Lake, Dakota County to certain individuals. Full No attempt
27th Legislature SF54 3/26/1891 An act seeking to amend chapter 107 of the General Laws of one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three, relative to the organization of annuity, safe deposit and trust companies, to permit the companies hitherto organized for the purpose of accepting trusts, etc., to transact a general banking business in addition to other powers. Full No attempt